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Magento BI Essentials: Onboarding Questions

The onboarding questions related to store and database settings ensure that we set up your reporting correctly. With these answers, we'll deliver your reports that are precisely tailored to your store's setup. 

Store settings

Does your store accept guest checkout? 

Select yes if you allow customers to make a purchase from your store without registering for an account. 


Select the timezone that you'd like to see your reporting in. 


Select the currency that your store operates in. 

Your week starts on...

Select the day of the week that you'd like to be the start of the week in your reports. 

Which version of Magento do you use?

Select the currency that your store operates in. 

Is your store based in the European Union?

If you answer yes to this question, we won't replicate any of your customers' personally identifiable information. 

Database settings

Database name

What is the name of the MySQL database where your Magento transactional data resides? 

Table prefix (optional)

Are the tables contained in your Magento database prepended by anything (e.g., store_)? This is not normally the case, but it is a customization that can be made.  


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