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Displaying your dashboards on screens around the office

For Magento BI users who are interested in displaying their dashboards and reports on screens throughout the office, there are a number of hardware options that can easily enable this setup.

Here's the list of things you'll need for the option we recommend: 

  1. A television or monitor with HDMI input to broadcast to. 
  2. A wifi-enabled dongle running a lightweight OS, like Chrome OS or Raspberry Pi. Your dongle should have an HDMI output that connects to your screen, and displays your selected dashboards at all times. A dedicated machine running its own OS will be superior to a setup like Chromecast, where you would be limited to beaming the same dashboard to all connected screens. The dongle is best mounted behind your screen.
  3. A USB keyboard and mouse to control your dongle.
  4. A browser extension to rotate between several tabs at once. This allows you to set up any selected dashboards that you display in a unique tab. We recommend the Revolver Tabs extension if you’re using Chrome.

Once you have all of the hardware above, you can open a browser window on your screen with a specific dashboard that you want to display in each tab. Finally, configure your browser to rotate through each dashboard at the desired frequency.


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