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Affinity Analysis [an Expert Analysis]

Note: This is available as an Expert Analysis delivered via our Professional Services Team. Interested? Email us at 

This analysis (also known as a "market basket analysis" is designed to help you discover what products to market to the appropriate customer segment in order to maximize repeat orders.  You can read more about the nuts and bolts of Affinity Analysis (including "association rule learning"!) in our blog post.

With the insights from this package, there are a variety of marketing campaigns, website optimizations, and product changes a business can make, such as: 

  • Generate an email list of customers who have purchased the left-hand side (aka LHS) of a "rule" but not the right-hand side.
  • Target those customers with content focused on the right-hand side product.
  • Add “Customers who purchased [left-hand side] also purchased [right-hand] side” notifications to your site.
  • Identify complementary groups of products to create special product bundles or discount codes for customers who purchase the entire set.

Sample report showing analysis of certain pairs of SKUs (LHS and RHS):


  • Affinity rules (comparing two products for "confidence" and "lift")
  • Customers who ordered SKU LHS & RHS
  • Customer who ordered SKU of LHS, but not RHS


If you want to engage our Professional Services team to build the analysis for you, simply open a support ticket here.

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