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Category Analysis [an Expert Analysis]

Note: This is available as an Expert Analysis delivered via our Professional Services Team. Interested? Email us at 

In this article, we demonstrate how to set up a dashboard that will provide insights to your current product categories.

This analysis is designed to give you a high level overview of a few categories, as well as highlight the combination of those categories that are bought by the same customers over their lifetime. In order to do this, you can select up to 4 top-level categories or up to 4 second-level categories within the same top-level category to analyze.


Sample reports showing customers who have made an order from the "Mens" category:


  • First orders by category
  • Items sold by category
  • Revenue by category
  • Customers who have ordered "A,B,C, or D" categories
  • Customers who have ordered "A,B,C, or D" but not "X,Y, or Z" categories
  • Average LTV
  • AOV

If you want to engage our Professional Services team to build the analysis for you, simply open a support ticket here.

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