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Using Dashboard Groups

Dashboard groups allow better organization of dashboards. The most common use case is to group similar dashboards under the same "group". For example, all dashboards related to marketing could be grouped together under a dashboard group "Marketing". 

In the dashboard selection drop-down, dashboard groups are shown in alphabetical order, with all dashboards under "No Group" shown last. Dashboards under the same group are shown together and in alphabetical order within each group. 

Dashboard Group Sharing

Dashboard groups cannot be directly shared between users. When a dashboard is shared with users, the dashboard group it is under is automatically created for those users if it doesn't already exist. If the dashboard group already exists, the dashboard is simply appended to the list.  

When a dashboard's group is changed by its owner, the change will be reflected automatically for all users with whom the dashboard has been shared. Users cannot change the dashboard group for dashboards they do not own. 

Creating dashboard groups 

Dashboard groups can be created in two ways -  

  1. When creating a new dashboard. 
  2. When changing the group of an existing dashboard, from the "Manage Data -> Dashboards" page. 
    1. Click on the dashboard that you would like to create the new group for. 
    2. Under "Dashboard Group (optional)", the current dashboard group will be shown. 
    3. To create a new group, simply type the name of the new group and then click outside the box. 
    4. The new group will then be available for other dashboards too. 

Adding Existing Dashboards to Existing Groups 

  1. On the Manage Data -> Dashboards page, choose the dashboard to change the group for. 
  2. The text under "Dashboard Group (optional)" shows the current dashboard group of the dashboard. 
  3. To change the group of the dashboard, choose another group from the list – in this case "PS", "Campaigns". 

Deleting dashboard groups 

When a dashboard group has no dashboards under it, it is automatically deleted. 

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