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Resizing and Rearranging Charts in a Dashboard

Scalar numbers. Bar graphs. Charts extending over long periods. Every chart displays information differently, meaning the size and location of charts is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In Magento BI, you can resize and rearrange charts to create your ideal workspace.

To resize a chart, click and drag the bottom-right corner of any chart.

To move a chart, hover over the top of the chart until the 'Move' cursor displays. Click and hold, then drag the chart to the desired location. Release to place the chart.

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    Gabriela Vinader

    how do i resize a column in a table

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    Dan Cho

    Hi Gabriela – with the way our Report Builder is set up, column sizes are set automatically. We're always trying to improve our tool, so I'd be happy to file a feature request on your behalf if you'd like!

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