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Creating automated email summaries

Automated email summaries are a convenient, useful way to stay in the loop even when you’re on the go. Because these summaries are text-only table versions of your reports, they can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

Note that whether the selected report is saved in table or chart format, data will be truncated to the first 30 rows in the email summary.

  1. To create an email summary, click Manage Data, then select Email Summaries in the sidebar. 
  2. Click the Create Email Summary button in the top right corner.
  3. Enter a name for the summary. We suggest choosing a name that, at a glance, conveys what is included in the summary. For example, ‘AOV Comparison’
  4. Select the frequency at which the email should be sent, and the time of day it should be sent.
  5. In the Reports section, use the drop-down or search bar to add reports to the summary. Note that you will only see reports that you own.
  6. To include other users on the summary, enter their email addresses in the Bcc box and click the Add button.

    Note: if you want to send yourself a test email first, skip this step for now. You can come back and add users to the summary. Additionally, you can add up to 100 email address as a Bcc. 
  7. When finished, click the Save New Email Summary button in the top right corner.
  8. To send a test email to yourself, click the Send Test Email to Yourself button after the summary is saved.

Here's an example:

Email summary
Click for a closer look!

Editing Summaries

To edit an existing summary, click Manage Data > Email Summaries and then click the name of the summary you want to edit.

Duplicating Summaries

To duplicate a summary, click Manage Data > Email Summaries and then click the Duplicate button next to the appropriate summary.

Deleting Summaries

To delete a summary, click Manage Data > Email Summaries and then click the red trashcan icon next to the appropriate summary.

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