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Connecting Heroku using the Heroku collaboration feature



Magento BI is integrated with Heroku, meaning you can quickly and easily connect your Heroku Postgres database to your Data Warehouse.

If you want some help setting up the connection, you can use what we call the concierge method by adding Magento BI as a Heroku collaborator:

  1. Invite to join your Heroku app as a collaborator. If you need some help doing this, check out Heroku's documentation.
  2. After we have access to your app, a member of our team will reach out to ask which databases you'd like us to connect to.
  3. Or, after you've added us as a collaborator, you can also reach out to us via support with the databases you'd like to connect to. We'll still have to wait until we gain access to your app, but this will reduce the time spent communicating details.

Please note depending what day (ex: weekends) you file your request, it might take a few days for us to finish the configuration. In the meantime, you can set up some other integrations, get familiar with the Report Builder, or explore the Data Warehouse Manager.

Don't feel like waiting? 

If you're feeling a bit antsy or are just really independent, you can use our Postgres integration to connect your Heroku Postgres database all on your lonesome. This method doesn't require a lot of tech expertise, so don't worry if you're not a developer.

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