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Importing MailChimp data

To get a comprehensive picture of your campaigning efforts, you can import your MailChimp email campaign data into Magento BI. To complete the import, you'll need to do the following for each MailChimp campaign you have:

  1. Export your Opens data
  2. Export your Clicks data
  3. Export your Sent data
  4. Upload the MailChimp files into Magento BI

Let's get started!

Exporting Opens data

  1. After logging into MailChimp, go to the Campaigns tab.


  2. Click on View Report, next to the campaign name.


  3. Click on the Opened number. 


  4. Click Export and save the CSV file. You will need to add primary key, date (mm/dd/yyyy) and campaign name columns to this file. Make sure the primary keys are unique to each row!


Exporting Clicks data

  1. Navigate back to the View Report screen for the campaign. 
  2. Click on the number that Clicked.


  3. Click EITHER the number under the Total Clicks OR Unique Clicks column.


  4. Click Export and save the CSV file. You'll need to add Primary Key, date (mm/dd/yyyy), campaign name, and URL columns to this file. You do not need to add the full URL, just something that will let you know what was clicked.


  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each URL clicked in your email, combining all the data into the same CSV file when finished.

Exporting Sent data

  1. Go into the Campaigns tab of MailChimp.
  2. Click on View Report next to the campaign name.
  3. Click on the number next to Recipients.  


  4. Click Export and save the CSV file. You will need to add Primary Key, date (mm/dd/yyyy) and campaign name columns to this file.


Preparing files for upload into Magento BI

Each file - Opens, Clicks, and Sent - should be uploaded to Magento BI as separate files. We also recommend that you name the files using this naming convention: MailChimp_ACTION_DATE. Replace ACTION with either Open, Click, or Sent, and DATE with the date of export.

When you're ready to upload the files, use the File Upload feature to bring the data into your data warehouse.

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