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Authorizing cluster access




In this section of the walkthrough, we’ll create a security group that will allow access to the Redshift cluster. To do this, we’ll whitelist the Private Data Warehouse (PDW) address, along with any other appropriate IPs from your company.

  1. From the Redshift Dashboard, click the Clusters option on the left side of the page.
  2. In the list of clusters, click the name of the cluster you created.
  3. The Cluster Details page will display - ensure you’re in the Configuration tab before proceeding.
  4. In the VPC Security Groups section, click the name of the security group. In this case, it'll be default.

  5. After the security group opens, click the Inbound tab located towards the bottom of the page. In the Inbound tab, click the Edit button.

  6. The Inbound Rules window is where we’ll add the IP addresses that can access the cluster. To add a new rule, click the Add Rule button and then define the following:
    1. Type - Set this to Redshift.
    2. Protocol - This will default to TCP.
    3. Port Range - Enter the number of the open port. The default for Redshift is 5439.
    4. Source - Set this to Custom IP.
    5. In the field next to Source, paste the IP address that requires access to the cluster. PDW's IP is
  7. Repeat step 6 until all IP addresses that require access have been added to the security group.

In addition, if you want to name the group something more specific, hover your cursor next to the security group’s name in the VPC Security Groups page. When the pencil icon appears, click it and rename the group.

Great! Now that you're done configuring the authorization settings, the next step is to test the connection.

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