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Connecting Private Data Warehouse to Amazon Redshift




To complete the setup, you need to enter the Amazon Redshift database information into Magento BI Private Data Warehouse. To access the credentials page in Magento BI, go to Manage Data > Connections, click the Add New Data Source button, and then the Private Data Warehouse icon.

The majority of this information can be viewed on your Amazon Redshift Cluster Console page (Redshift Dashboard > Clusters, cluster name) by clicking the name of the cluster.

You’ll need:

  • The host (endpoint)
  • Database name
  • Username (master username)
  • Password
  • Port - this is the same port you entered when creating the cluster.

The screen capture below highlights where you can find the above information (except the password) in the Cluster Details page in Redshift:


After entering your Redshift database info and credentials into PDW, you’ll be able to view the status of your Redshift connection on the Connection Details page (Data > Connections):

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