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Welcome to the new Magento BI Help Center!

Over the past week, there've been a lot of changes around here. The site got a facelift, content was shuffled around, and now we're posting weekly release notes. That's right - every Wednesday we'll post a list of what's new and improved in the Magento BI Help Center.

The documentarians at Magento BI are here to create a self-service experience that's transparent, helpful, and easy to use. We're looking forward to serving up the content that'll make you into a data guru.

That being said, here's what's new and improved:


Analyzing coupon impact on acquiring and retaining customers

How do your coupon offerings impact your customer acquisition and retention? In this article, two of our analysts dive into some analyses to help you answer this question and more.

Best practices for naming reports and elements in Magento BI

Whether you're new to Magento BI or a seasoned user, naming consistency and clarity is incredibly important. In this Getting Started article, we lay out some of our tried and true naming recommendations.

Connecting Quickbooks and Expected Quickbooks data

We recently released the Quickbooks integration into beta. If you're interested in participating, get in touch with your account manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question on the list, get in touch with us.

Modifying your database to support Incremental Replication

We recently released a feature that allows you to set replication methods in the Data Warehouse Manager. In this article, we outline the ways you can make modifications to your database to support the highly efficient Incremental Replication methods.

Private Data Warehouse (PDW)

This series guides PDW users through setting up and connecting their data warehouse to Magento BI, answering common questions, and selecting a compatible SQL client. 

Translating SQL queries into Magento BI reports

In this article, we walk you through how SQL translates to Magento BI reports.

Using Data Exports to pinpoint discrepancies

Data exports are an invaluable resource for finding the source of data discrepancies. In this troubleshooting article, we teach you how to leverage this tool to solve data issues.


Configuring data rechecks

In addition to replication methods, users now have the ability to set data recheck frequencies for columns in the Data Warehouse Manager. This article has been updated to include that functionality.

Configuring replication methods

As we mentioned above, we recently released the setting replication methods feature. This article has been updated to include the new functionality, as well as the replication methods you can expect to see.

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