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Troubleshooting account lockout



Having trouble logging into your Magento BI account? Don't worry! To resolve this issue, we'll first need to determine if this is a defect, a temporary glitch, or something else. Following the steps below will help get you back in your account as quickly as possible.

Verify your email address is correct.

Double-check your email address to be certain the email address you are attempting to use to log in is associated with an existing Magento BI account. You may need to ask an account Admin to confirm that there aren’t any typos in the email address.

Once you’ve confirmed the email address is correct, attempt to log in again using this link.

Try resetting your password.

If you’ve verified you’re using the correct email, try resetting your password. You can use the Forgot? link on the login page from the previous section to trigger a password reset email.

If you don’t see the email at first, be sure to look in your junk email folder. Sometimes even well-intentioned emails can be mistaken for junk. Note that the temporary access links in these emails are only good once!

If you're still locked out, certain that your email address is correct, and you're using the correct link from the reset email, we recommend trying the following before you request another reset and attempt to login again:

  • Clear your browser's cache, cookies, and saved passwords
  • Temporarily turn off any ad-blocking software

Document any errors and reach out to support.

Note that this step isn’t always required, but proactively completing it could reduce the time spent going back-and-forth on a support request.

If you’re still unable to access your account, we recommend checking for errors and submitting a ticket to our support team. How can you do this? By opening your browser’s developer tools and taking a screenshot of any errors displayed in the the console, or site log window. In the GIF below, I’m opening the developer tools for Google Chrome:

Opening Chrome's developer tools.
Click for a closer look!

In the above example, we used the most common method (right click > Inspect) to open the console. If your browser doesn’t have this method or you need help, use the documentation links below for the web browser you’re using:

Safari Firefox Chrome Opera Internet Explorer

In some browsers, opening the developer tools might not automatically display the console - the site’s code may display first. If this happens to you, click the Console option in the developer window and take screenshots of any errors displayed there.

Submit a ticket to our Support team with the error screenshots and your Magento BI account’s email address.

Don’t see any errors or you’re just lost?

Don’t worry! File a new support ticket (be sure to include your Magento BI account’s email address) and we’ll get you back in Magento BI as soon as possible.


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