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Magento BI Essentials vs. Pro

The table below breaks out what is included with Essentials and Pro. 

     MBI Essentials             MBI Pro        
 Pre-Defined Reports Up to 100 Custom
 Pre-Defined Dashboards 5-6 Custom
 New Custom Report Creation Yes Yes
 Magento Commerce Tables   4-6* Unlimited
 Log-ins/User Accounts 10 20
 User Permissions Yes Yes
 Data Warehouse Manager Unavailable Available
 Email Reports Yes Yes
 Cohort Report Builder Yes Yes
 Google Analytics Live Integration  Yes (1) Unlimited 
 3rd Party Integrations  Unavailable Available 
 Full API Access  No Yes 
 Access to CS, AM, or Analysts  No Yes 
 Professional Services  Available Available 

*Number of tables depends on guest checkout.

Included tables:

  • sales_order
  • sales_order_item
  • sales_order_address
  • customer_entity
  • customer_group
  • store
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    Muneeb Siddiqui

     *Number of tables depends on guest checkout.


    Can you please give some more clarity on this? We have recently integrated Magento BI essentials, and cannot see more than 2 tables. 


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    Khalil Manns

    Hi Muneeb, 

    To clarify, if a merchant does not accept guest orders, Magento BI will bring in data from an additional Magento table. For a specific answer to your situation, you can file a Support request from inside the Magento BI platform so our support team can investigate this particular situation. 

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